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DPO as a Service

Our Regulatory & Tech DPO team supports hospitals, healthcare professionals and digital companies (AI, telemedicine...) to achieve GDPR compliance and privacy by design.
And guess what ? Thanks to our solution HealthDPO, compliance is digital and transparent!

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Isalid - dynamic consent via Blockchain

Manage patient information, consent and opt-out to create your health data warehouse and start your research projects with peace of mind thanks to the only Blockchain technology with the first French patent.

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An expert team focusing on health data

The protection of patients' and employees' personal data, the implementation of e-health projects and the promotion of the use of health data belong to our missions as Data Protection Officers.
Bringing together legal, regulatory and technical skills, we deliver a 360° vision of privacy needs for healthcare innovation and clinical research.

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isalid solution for data valorization

By using isalid's smart contracts (blockchain), patient information, consent and opt-out are managed in an automatic, digitally and tamper-proof process.
The consent is dynamic and links to other applications and IT systems.

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DrData stands for transparency & ethics of health data.

Health data is the most private and sensitive data for any person.
We believe collective intelligence and concern for privacy should drive any health data operations project.


DrData is the partner of first choice for protecting, sharing and promoting citizens' data.

Civic commitment

We are committed to the privacy of citizens . Our actions are focused on building a sustainable data eco-system.


Our super doctors of data break new grounds every day to guide professionals and citizens.